Painting above Courtesy of Painter Simon Dewey & Altus Art.
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What Did The Prophet Joseph Smith Look Like?

  This website is dedicated to honoring the correct image of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his Brother Hyrum. During the last 20 years there have been a few misguided research projects aimed at declaring a new photograph discovery or other evidence concerning their likeness. On this site you will see Joseph Smith Images & Hyrum Smith Images based on valid research by LDS church artists and sculptors. Evidence to dismiss recent sensationalized images will be discussed by the Church's leading forensic sculptor. Also your personal questions can be answered by email.

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Picture above courtesy of Altus Art & Simon Dewey.
All rights reserved.

These death masks were brought to Utah by Philo Dibble in about 1954. He used them to do presentations on his friends the Smith brothers. He sold them to an artist named Brown who created busts. His widow sold them to Wilford wood. A few artists and sculptors were allowed to make molds from these masks. Dee Jay Bawden was allowed to make molds from these to use for his various projects. He has made dozens of copies for seminaries, institutes of religion, private researches and Smith family descendants all over the world.

Combining the 1928 measurements of Joseph's skull and the shallow death mask.

Front View of Joseph Smith
This Section Below will show you the forensic work of Joseph Smith's Likeness.

 Photo from the 1928 exhumation shows jaw unattached.

Shallow Joseph mask only shows chin for jaw width.

Death mask shows proper placement of missing bones.

Outline of shallow mask shows missing dimensions with skull behind it. Portraits using mask alone are not accurate.

Death mask shows perfect placement of missing cheekbones and eye sockets.

Joseph Smith's Likeness can only be realized by combing skull and mask together. Notice how full his jaw becomes when muscle dimensions are restored to proper thickness.

Study sketch of Joseph Smith's Likeness based on skull dimensions, his death mask and Nauvoo portraits from life that show hair and feature detail.

Joseph Smith's Profile View
In this section below you will be able to see Joseph Smith's Likeness from the profile perspective.

This is the exact profile diagrams of Joseph (top) and Hyrum (bottom) as realized by combining the exact skull dimensions with the death masks.

This is an exact dimensional sketch from a photograph of the 1981 reconstruction model using precise proportions with mask and exhumed skull measurements.
This exact proportional sketch of the reconstruction of Joseph's profile shows how accurately the early side view sketches from Nauvoo compare to forensic science using skull and mask.

This is an example of the Nauvoo profile sketches done by Maudsley. Created from life sittings with a mechanical arm called a pantograph.

Correct Images of Joseph Smith

  All of the Joseph Smith Images below are created from the 1981 forensic reconstruction models. The Church commissioned two forensic models that year. One formal bust, which is on display in the LDS Conference center, and an informal "frontier prophet" bust shown below. Some artists have used their own interpretation for facial expression and hair shade etc.  But they are dimensionally correct.

This DJ Bawden bronze statue made of Joseph Smith's Image is at his birthplace. Created from 1981 forensic reconstruction model.
This is a Correct Likeness of Joseph Smith.

Simon Dewey Used The Forensic bust done in 1981 to make his rendition of Joseph Smith's Likeness.

Courtesy of Altus Art & Simon Dewey.
All rights reserved.

This Marble bust, Sculpted by DJ Bawden in 1981, is the original forensic bust commissioned by the LDS Church.
David Lindsley painting based on 1981 bust using skull and death mask.

Courtesy of David Lindsley.
All rights reserved.

Ted Gorka's 1982 sketch from Joseph bust in LDS Conference Center in Salt Lake.

Joseph Smith pamphlet painted by David Lindsley strictly matches the 1981 reconstuction.

Courtesy of David Lindsley.
All rights reserved.

Stan Watts sculptures of Joseph and Hyrum on horseback in Nauvoo. Stan helped DJ Bawden create "Martyrs" statue in Carthage. His sculptures are based on correct research from 1981.

Courtesy of Stan Watts.
All rights reserved.

Nathan Pinnock paints Joseph using 1981 forensic bust likeness and research.

Courtesy of Nathan Pinnock.
All rights reserved.
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Praises For The Man

Below we have listed some Praises to The Prophet Joseph Smith.

 “I feel like shouting Hallelujah, all the time, when I think that I ever knew Joseph Smith, the Prophet whom the Lord raised up and ordained, and to whom He gave keys and power to build up the Kingdom of God on earth and sustain it.” -Brigham Young

  “Joseph Smith was chosen to stand at the head of the work of the Lord in the last days, and his work was assigned to him through the fore-knowledge of our Eternal Father in the eternities before he was born. He came in the spirit of Elias to prepare the way for the coming of our Lord. No prophet since the days of Adam, save, of course, our Redeemer, has been given a greater mission.” -Joseph Fielding Smith

 “Either Joseph Smith did see God and did converse with Him, and God Himself did introduce Jesus Christ to the boy Joseph Smith, and Jesus Christ did tell Joseph Smith that he would be the instrument in the hands of God of establishing again upon the earth the true Gospel of Jesus Christ or Mormonism, so-called, is a myth. And Mormonism is not a myth! It is the power of God unto salvation; it is the Church of Jesus Christ, established under His direction, and all the disbelief of the world cannot change the fundamental facts connected with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” -Heber J. Grant

 “I am grateful for my membership in the Church; and my testimony of its divinity hinges upon the simple story of the lad under the trees kneeling and receiving heavenly visitors—not one God, but two separate, individual personages, the Father and the Son, revealing again to the earth the personages of the Godhead. My faith and testimony hinge upon this simple story, for if it is not true, Mormonism falls. If it is true—and I bear witness that it is—it is one of the greatest single events in all history.” -Howard W. Hunter

  “The appearing of the Father and the Son to Joseph Smith is the foundation of this Church. Therein lies the secret of its strength and vitality. This is true, and I bear witness to it. That one revelation answers all the queries of science regarding God and His divine personality. Don’t you see what that means? What God is, is answered. His relation to His children is clear. His interest in humanity through authority delegated to man is apparent. The future of the work is assured. These and other glorious truths are clarified by that glorious First Vision.” -David O. McKay

  “When the boy prophet, in the woods of Palmyra, saw the Father and the Son, and realized that they were indeed personages, that they could hear and reply to what he said, it began a new era in this world, and laid a foundation for the faith of the children of men. They could now pray to our Father in heaven and realize that he could hear and answer their prayers, that there was a connection between the heavens and the earth.” -George Albert Smith